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On September, 21st 2006г. «The republic Uzbekistan Law is passed About tax consultation» which has defined legal status of institute of tax consultation in republic.

The decision of the Cabinet of Republic Uzbekistan from 20.03.2007г. № 55 «About measures on development of sphere of tax consultation» the authorized state structure in sphere of tax consultation in the name of the Republic Uzbekistan Ministry of Finance is defined.

With a view of realization of the activity directed on the further deepening of reforms in the field of development of tax consultation, according to the Republic Uzbekistan Law «About tax consultation» at the Republic Uzbekistan Ministry of Finance Council about tax consultation is created.

Today in Republic Uzbekistan of 46 certificated tax advisers have created 22 organizations of tax advisers which have begun the activity.

ННО «Chamber of tax advisers of Uzbekistan», registered by the decision of the Ministry of Justice from July, 31st 2009г. For № 706, it is created at the initiative of 13 qualified tax advisers for protection of interests and the rights of tax advisers, and also for participation in perfection of tax system of Uzbekistan. Now the quantity of participants of Chamber makes 20 certificated tax advisers, 5 regional branches of Chamber are created: Andizhan, Dzhizak, Kashkadarinskii, Namangan and Tashkent.

The chamber provides the participants with standard and methodical bases and participates in socioeconomic life of Uzbekistan (“the NEWS” section see).

The mission of Chamber, as well as any organizational incorporated professional communities, consists in protecting interests of members of professional community, and also in that “trade” could participate in public life actively.

The purpose of Chamber of tax advisers of Uzbekistan now consists in becoming socially useful lever.

Chamber partners are socially-welfare fund information support of business of “Zakovat”, Association Professional Business of advisers (the Tashkent branch) and the Insurance organization of Open Company «Victoria Insurance».

For today more than in thirty countries of the world institutionally these problems carry out public associations of professional tax advisers. Abroad there are various kinds of institutes of tax advisers: international, national, local.

All these associations work on increase of the public status of a trade and growth of professionalism of members of the organization. Raising professional competence of the members, many foreign organizations pay much attention to control mechanisms over quality of their work (to training, certification and certification procedures, reaction to infringement by the members of ethical and professional principles), and also to mechanisms of transfer of experience. Thanks to it in all developed countries the trade of the tax adviser is very prestigious.


Are assured, as in Uzbekistan tax advisers will take a worthy place in sphere of maintenance of the mechanism of legal support of tax bearers, increases of legal culture of the population and assistance of development of business. It is a maturity and tax bearer sign and tax system!

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